Furniture Industry Adhesives Furniture Industry High quality versatile adhesives for the Furniture Industry.

Furniture Industry Adhesives

Adhesives for the challenges of the Furniture Industry!

Johns Adhesives supplies a wide range of adhesive options for all your furniture and woodworking needs.  Our range of high quality hot melt and membrane press adhesives are world class.

  • One and two part cross linking polyurethane dispersions used for laminating thermoplastic foils, for example PVC and PP onto pre-profiled work pieces by deep-drawing and heat sealing in a membrane press.
  • Hot melt adhesives with high heat resistance according to WPS 68 tests and which exceed the UK FIRA Gold Award standard. Depending upon substrates used, continuous bonding up to 100°C can be achieved.
  • High bond strengths ensuring substrate failure.
  • Versatility in bonding a vast range of surfaces.
  • Products available in a variety of colours.
  • Filled and unfilled adhesives.
  • Operator friendly machine characteristics - no dusting, stringing or smearing.
  • Speciality grades for high or low temperature performance and difficult substrate bonding.
  • Fast melt down for high speed operations.
  • Products available in bulk.
Hot melts for furniture and woodworking applications

A range of highly versatile hot melt adhesives specifically formulated to meet the rigorous demands of the woodworking and furniture industry.

  • Edgebanding
  • Softforming
  • Profile wrapping
  • Precoating
  • V-grooving
  • Foam bonding
  • Plastic and metal trim bonding

High quality, hot melts and membrane press adhesives which are very clean running and achieve high levels of adhesion. They will bond 'difficult' substrates, including:

  • High pressure laminates
  • Primed and unprimed PVC
  • Polyester
  • ABS
  • Wood lippings
  • Wood veneer
  • Melamine impregnated paper

FIRA Gold Award Standard - FIRA is the internationally recognised UK body responsible for testing materials for their heat resistance. Its Gold Award Standard equates to BS 6250 / BS 6222. Other international tests to which the Beardow Adams hot melts supplied by Johns Adhesives are tested, include WPS 68 / UNE 56.843.93 Part 8

Membrane Press Adhesives

PU-Dispersion Adhesives for the 3D-Technology.  The manufacturing of furniture fronts for kitchen cabinets is one of the main applicaiton areas for the 3D process.

A new generation in adhesives based on recent discoveries on nanotechnology for a superior product.

  • PUD adhesive is reactivated by heat and pressure
  • Furniture foil is laminated to routed and deep-drawn MDF panels
  • PU-Disperson Adhesives based on nanotechnology
  • Small particles lead to better bonds and surface structure

Johns Adhesives services a wide range of industries and our packaging hot melt adhesives are used for a diverse range of applications on many different substrates including:

  • Profile wrapping
  • Edgebanding
  • Softforming
  • Foam bonding
  • Precoating