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Packaging Adhesives

A challenge that no other is better able to meet!

Johns Adhesives markets a wide range of adhesive options for all your packaging needs.  Our range of high quality hot melt adhesives are world class.  There is a clean running, high quality hot melt solution for all packaging applications.

  • Water based adhesives for all types of packaging.
  • Hot melt adhesives to bond all types of packaging – from small, intricate cartons to heavy duty wraparound cases.
  • A range of open times available to suit high speed or slow, complex operations.
  • Hot melts with high heat resistance.
  • Products available to withstand service temperatures as low as -40°C.
  • Hot melts that firmly adhere to all types of paper, board and plastics.
  • Applied by jet, slot, wheel, dauber, ballpoint and spray.
  • Low application temperatures possible - from 110°C.
  • F&DA approved raw materials.
  • Products available in bulk.
Hot melts for packaging applications

Versatility is a major benefit with the range of packaging grade hot melts sourced worldwide and supplied by Johns Adhesives.

The adhesives will bond:

  • Recycled board
  • Grease resistant boards
  • Dense / compact fibre board
  • UV varnished board
  • Wax or PE coated boards
  • Plastics to board
  • Dissimilar plastics
  • Metal to plastics or board

Johns Adhesives partner Beardow Adams to provide products which have been developed to combine:

  • Fast speed of set
  • Clean running
  • Low odour
  • Ability to withstand deep freeze conditions
  • High heat resistance
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Low temperatures of application

Johns Adhesives services a wide range of industries and our packaging hot melt adhesives are used for a diverse range of applications on many different substrates including:

  • Pallet stabilisation
  • Recycled board and recyclability
  • Sift proof primary packs
  • Low application temperature
  • Difficult surfaces and deep freeze boards
  • Case and carton sealing, tray forming