Bookbinding Adhesives Bookbinding Our knowledge will over come any of your bookbinding challenges.

Bookbinding Adhesives

A challenge that no other is better able to meet!

Johns Adhesives supplies a wide range of adhesive options for all your bookbinding and print finishing needs.  Our range of hot melt adhesives and water based adhesives are world class.  There is a clean, high quality hot melt solution for all bookbinding applications.

  • PUR Hotmelts for all print finishing needs, including: perfect binding, drawn on cover work, rounding and backing, multishot systems, side gluing, tip ins
  • Spine glues capable of running at machine speeds from 1,000 to over 18,000 clamps per hour
  • Hot melt adhesives suitable for fast in line trimming
  • Primers for use in two shot binding operations
  • Hot melt adhesives that adhere to a wide range of paper and cover stocks
  • Side glues with open times to cope with various machine speeds
  • Peelable or permanent pressure sensitive adhesives for tip ins
  • Products available in bulk
Hot melts for bookbinding applications

Depth of knowledge is a major benefit with the range of bookbinding hot melts sourced worldwide and supplied by Johns Adhesives.

The adhesives offer good adhesion to:

  • Art papers
  • Heavily coated papers
  • Cross grain papers
  • Wood free papers
  • Newsprint
  • Velum
  • Plastics and metallised foils used for tip ins

Johns Adhesives source the best quality products from companies around the world who are leaders in research and development for new hot melts and applications. Successes have been achieved in:

  • Recyclability - spine glues that retain their integrity under the repulping processes used in papermaking, enabling the adhesive to be removed by filtration
  • Resistance to residual ink solvents
  • Low odour
  • Clean running
  • Improved lay flat properties
  • Fast in line trimming
Applications and industries

Johns Adhesives services a wide range of industries and our bookbinding hot melt adhesives are used for a diverse range of applications including:

  • Low application temperature
  • Spine glues
  • Side glues
  • Tip ins
  • Recyclability
  • Multishot systems