Textile Lamination Textile Lamination  Our PUR hotmelt adhesives are ideal for textile applications.

Textile Lamination Adhesives

Adhesives for the challenges of the Textile Lamination Industry!

Johns Adhesives supplies a wide range of adhesive options for all your textile lamination needs.  Our range of high quality adhesives are world class.

  • Woven fabrics.
  • Non-woven fabrics.
  • Specialty fabrics.
  • Extensive analytical and functional testing.

Johns Adhesives services a wide range of industries and our textile hot melt adhesives are used for a diverse range of applications on many different substrates including:

  • Automotive
  • Home and office fabric laminates
  • Apparel fabric laminates for active wear and protective apparel
  • Industrial Laminates
  • Medical wear
  • Flame retardant fabrics