Transport Industry Adhesives Transport Industry Polyurethanes, hot melts and sealants for caravan and auto manufacture.

Transport Industry Adhesives

Adhesives for the challenges of the transport industry!

Johns Adhesives is the leading supplier for transport industry.  The number of adhesive applications in the automotive and transport industry has seen significant increases in recent years. Our range of high quality adhesives for the transport industry are world class.  There is a clean, high quality adhesive solution for all transport applications.

  • Truck and bus segment.
  • Adhesives for panels, flooring, ceiling.
  • Structural bonding adhesives.
  • New passenger cars.
  • Car vehicle trims applications.
  • Vacuum forming.
  • Bonding of retainer clips and products for their 1 parts suppliers.
  • Aeronautics.


Johns Adhesives services a wide range of industries and our transport adhesives are used for a diverse range of applications on many different substrates including in the following transport segments:

  • New passenger cars
  • Aeronautics
  • Trucking
  • Buses
  • Caravans
  • Mobile Homes
  • Transport industry parts suppliers